Quick Tip: Branchless Programming

Branchless programming, in a general sense, refers to the use of mathematical operations utilizing conditional bools (i.e. true or false) in place of if/else statements. Here’s a good primer that speaks to how it’s used and why it matters. The short version is this: if/else statements take a little bit of excess processing power becauseContinue reading “Quick Tip: Branchless Programming”

Sending a Layer in a Circle. Two Ways.

Here’s a problem. A fairly straightforward problem. We have a layer and we want it to orbit some point, but we want it to stay upright (meaning we don’t want the rotation to be affected). The Simple (and Potentially Messy) Solution The first solution is pretty simple. Make a null, place the null exactly whereContinue reading “Sending a Layer in a Circle. Two Ways.”